Brushing ones teeth

Brushing ones teeth


5 thoughts on “Brushing ones teeth

  1. I notice your blog says [ No Title ] too. Is that because we haven’t listed a name in the box provided? ‘Cause if you notice, my blog has an image with the title in it already…and if I type in the name, that image will be obscured. Which I don’t want.

    Decisions, decisions!

    And yeah, Tobbetto should seriously take care of his teeth. You only get one set.

    • Hi, I guess it’s because of taking out the title in the title text-box. I just changed templates and the title was visible beneath the image i’m using and it didn’t look right.

      Hadn’t noticed that it would affect the name of the blog. Thanks for the heads-up. Guess I’ll have to find some kind of solution so as not to be nameless.

      • I found it pretty easy to fix in my template. See if this helps you: Dashboard->Appearance->Customize. Once in the Customize page you can add your title and hide it by un-checking the Show title text.

        I swear, it’s like having your cake and eating it too.

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